Ljudkonstgalleriet is available to all artists that are interested in exploring the methods and concepts of sound art departing from their own experience and artistic perspective.

Production Team
This team consists of our admin staff such as the artistic director, the exhibition producer, and the technical producer.

At Ljudkonstgalleriet we believe that in order to extend beyond our boundaries, we require meeting and working with others. The added ingenuity and experience of another person accelerates growth and potential. The inherent resistance in a collaboration encourages effort and provides means for critical evaluation.

Our collaborative projects proceed from a predetermined concept that contain philosophical, political, and spiritual questions. The concepts are used as a frame of reference and as a platform to extend from. Usually, our project descriptions contain the conceptual idea and a reading list to allow our artists to enter the project with already growing ideas and a familiarity with the conceptual context.

All-day workshops constitute the main allotted time for artistic work during a project. During the workshops our artists discuss, experiment, and develop their ideas together.
At the end of each day our artists give a presentation to the production team where the current progress is summarised and problems are discussed in order to create a schedule for next day. This also allows the production team to coordinate whatever resources the artists will need in the development of their work.

Each artist that works with us is provided with a diary that they are expected to use daily throughout the span of our collaboration. The diary should be used to document ideas, dreams, questions, etc. that are connected to the artistic process of the project. This might sound daunting, but even the sketches, doodles, and shopping lists will one day inspire another artist to go beyond her current boundaries.
When the project is finished, the book is returned to the our archives and will serve as documentation and research material for future projects at Ljudkonstgalleriet.

A project can contain one or several exhibitions that serve as a public presentation of the current progress of the project. If the projects contain more than one exhibition, the event also serves as a project milestone where the artists can meet their peers in discussion and gain a new perspective of their work through the eyes of the public.
At Ljudkonstgalleriet we treat each exhibition event as a piece of art in itself, and we always strive to create a context conducive to the concepts currently being explored. This includes the composition of auxiliary performances and installations during the opening of the exhibition, physical settings and ambience, and promotional material to spread information about our work.